Moving from New York to Florida: what to know and where to start

Moving from NYC to Florida for a fresh start

While the pros of living in The Big Apple are undisputable for the tried-and-true New Yorker, you can easily undermine their (or probably your own) certainty about it. Disturbing statistics of COVID-19 contamination and mortality rate have paid their toll and instigated a staggering increase in domestic migration in 2021. It was Florida that sheltered most of the forcingly relocated people, and, on top of it, the Sunshine State was far ahead of New York when it came to vaccination.

But let’s detach ourselves from pandemic affairs and see what Florida can offer to the newcomers who decided to make a change and set a new beginning. Nowadays Florida is:

  1. Ranked No. 1 state in the U.S. for higher education¹. The ranking accounts for graduation rates, the average size of tuition fees, and the overall amount of students’ tuition debt. The Sunshine State also stands out for an impressive 13th place in the pre-K 12 education ranking.
  2. Ranked No.2 according to the economic outlook criteria² that is based on 15 metrics including sale, estate, and personal income tax burden.
  3. Placed 5th in air and water quality rankings.
Florida ranking in education

Florida is now 10th place¹ instead of 13th that it sat in US News’ annual Best States ranking in 2019. And there are a lot more advantages in favor of moving your household here if you’ll scope the upsides of the local specifics. For instance, Gainesville in Alachua County is a rather favorable place to settle in for its impeccable neatness and flourishing with lush greenery, top-quality healthcare facilities within the reach, and the most inexpensive utilities in the state.  Those of the new arrivals that have preferred Tampa and Saint Petersburg are totally consensual on how enjoyable and diverse local options for recreation, seaside leisure, and family-friendly attractions are. In a nutshell – moving from NYC to Florida for a study, career, or living together with family may take you to a whole new level of awesome.

Cost of living in Florida

Housing expenses

Is Florida cheaper than New York

To a renter’s concern – the monthly rent of a 1 bedroom apartment in Florida is unquestionably cheaper than in New York. According to the latest insights into apartment rental listings, apartment rental listings, New York’s landlords have raised the rent up to 33% between January 2021 and January 2022. Studios are currently available at nearly $2,400-$2,900 per month. Meanwhile, in Florida the average rental payments are rather more affordable:

  • Orlando. The up-to-date median rent price is $1,460 for a single-bedroom apartment. To occupy a 2 bedroom apartment will cost you $1,735 on average.
  • Miami. The moderately priced rental will be at $950-1,050 for a one-bedroom apartment or studio around the University Park and $1,200-1,500 for a 2 bedroom option in Cutler Bay (that’s about 16 miles south of Downtown Miami). The widely-sprawled metropolitan area of Miami has an enormous variety of rental offers to fit any budget, and it shouldn’t be any hurdle for you to find a nice and conveniently located place of yours.
  • Tampa. Tampa’s rental prices have mostly remained stable since the beginning of 2022. Takes about $1,450 per month to rent a one-bedroom apartment. The median cost for accommodation in a two-bedroom apartment will be near $1,764 on average.
  • Fort Lauderdale. This city is an exceptionally hospitable place to start living and the frugal prices in apartment rental listings speak eloquently about it. For now, it is $1,460 for one-bedroom property and  $1,735 for a two-bedroom on average.

Transportation and gas costs

As stated in MIT’s living wage summary, the approximate transportation expenses for an adult single in Florida would cost them $4,758 annually. The family of 2 employed adults with a pair of kids should spend around $13, 000 correspondingly.These calculations are taking into account all of the collateral spendings, including vehicle insurance, maintenance, and even car ownership details: whether it is owned, leased, or you pay off the loan.

What is Florida transportation

As for the public transport available in the area, Florida’s major metropolises have their own successfully running transportation networks and you can effortlessly get around. There are several subway systems operators providing public transportation: Metrorail in Florida, MetroPlan in Orlando, and Skyway in Jacksonville. However, in case you’ve decided to do without commuting on your own car and opt for public transport, it may cost you at least $1,740 annually to get around in a big city like Miami.

What would it cost to have yourself a meal in Florida?

Typically, the monthly expenses on provision are rather inexpensive in Florida. On average a single adult spends $3,411 on food annually. The family of four may live on diverse and healthy eating spending about  $9,850. Apart from this, the Sunshine State proves itself to be a true foodie paradise with a plethora of dining options. The traditional Caribbean cuisine is both healthy and delicious. It consists mostly of stewed and grilled fish and seafood, vegetables, fruits, and plant-based proteins.

Average food cost per month in Florida

Considering that one adult person will consume most of the meals prepared at home and have very few dining out there should be enough to have about this amount of money:

  • Miami: $376.29
  • Orlando: $338.53
  • Tampa: $375.78
  • St. Petersburg: $413.06
  • Jacksonville: $364.74


Florida’s tropical climate zone greets its newcomers with unusual conditions. Here sunshine lasts year-round, the fierce heat and muggy air persist from June to September, and, once in a while, give their place to frequent thunderstorms. Mild winters are remarked with temperature lows around 55 °F (13 °C) in Tampa and 66°F (13 °C) in Miami.

The differences between Atlantic coastal areas like Miami, Jacksonville, Fort Myers and those of the Florida Gulf Coast – Sarasota, St. Pete, and Tampa –  are insignificant. The shoreside cities have quite humid air during the daytime but night breezes refresh it at night. With that in mind, you should consider relocation to the coastal localities to make yourself feel more comfortable and pleasant during the hot summertime.

Jobs and Employment

ALT: Should I move from New York to Florida for a better career
TITLE: What are some common jobs in Florida 

Should I move from New York to Florida for a better career

The job market in Florida tends to grow faster than nationwide. The past year’s increase of 6.1% in the labor force and 62% up in the private sector employment rate seem rather promising. Tampa is far ahead of the state’s average number of vacant job positions with its 6,000 employment options available in mid-February, 2022.

Moving to  Florida in search of prospective employment would be a smart move for young professionals and post-graduates with different backgrounds. Florida’s economy is powered by massive agricultural, touristic, aerospace, and aviation industries. A great share of profits is gained through consulting and finance services, television and media production companies, and the amusement industry. Whether you would like to start a career in tech or gain an administrative or creative position you can easily find an option that suits your demands best.

However, you should do some research and learn more about the specifics of local job markets to have a better idea of what possibilities they offer. For instance, Miami claims to be the nation’s 2nd biggest financial hub after New York. At the same time, aerospace engineers are in high demand for Lockheed Martin’s Operations facility in Ocala, FL. As for the home interior and architecture design specialists, they are most sought-after in Orlando and Aventura.

The ecosystem for entrepreneurship in Florida is well-known for its beneficial tax policies with no income tax for personal income and a 5.5% rate for businesses. Moreover, you may rely on assistance from numerous support programs aimed to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses to launch successfully. Such are Business Resiliency and Innovation Center in Pensacola, State Small Business Credit Initiative from the federal government, e.g.

Registration at Florida DMV

 To drive legally shortly after your relocation you have to submit the paperwork at your nearest DMV service center. The regulations demand you register the car within 10 days after establishing residency and renew your driver’s license within 30 days. Prior to that, you should pay off Property Damage Liability (PDL) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) fees for car insurance coverage. The overall set of requirements for car registration in Florida implies:

  • To provide PDL and PIP certificates while applying (the coverage should be at least $10,000 for each).
  • Returning the New York State license plates.
  • Buying a policy from Florida’s licensed insurer or requesting from the New York-based insurer to transfer the coverage
  • Coverage maintenance throughout the registration period regardless of whether the vehicle is utilized or not. Please note that rules imply exemptions for militaries or drivers stationed out of state.

You can look for a moving checklist at to get a handy step-by-step guide to accomplish your registration at a new place.

Useful hits and practical advice before relocating to Florida from New York

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Downsize the possessions and leave room for forthcoming acquisitions. There’s no use for your insulated jackets and other winter clothing in Florida, so feel free to donate them to charity or resell them.

No parking permits are required. Unlike in New York, you don’t need a special long-term parking permit for a personal vehicle.

Spring and summer are the best time for a DIY move. By setting off from March to September you can avoid the situation when highways are overflooded with “snowbirds”. That’s how the locals name the restless folks who can’t stand cold winters and strive to catch their bit of warming Floridian sunlight.

Deal with a reliable moving company. The trusted mover can handle your relocation way quicker and ensure safe shipping. Speaking from our first-hand experience, we can tell for sure that organizing and packing can take too much time and effort, which you probably don’t even have. This is where our comprehensive moving services will come in handy.

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1. According to U.S. News & World Report lists dated 2019.

2. According to the Rich States, Poor States Study from 2021.