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Measure First, Move Second

It takes considerable time, effort, and money to move all of your possessions into a new Miami area home. Naturally, the more items that you take with you during the move, the longer it will take – and more money will have to be spent as well. Streamlining your move is a common strategy to save money and make the process as easy as possible. This means making tough decisions regarding what items to take with you, and which to get rid of before the move.

Some Things are Easy
Many of your possessions will be obvious decisions as they will certainly be making the move with you. Things like clothes, kitchen equipment, and personal affects like pictures are definitely going to make the trip. However, many of your larger pieces of furniture will need to be considered more carefully before they earn a spot on the truck. Specifically, you need to make sure that they all have a spot in the new place to land, otherwise there is no sense in bothering to have them moved.

Make a Map
Before moving day gets too close, visit your new home (if possible) and map out where you are planning to put all of your things. It will help to bring a tape measure, and to already have measurements of your things in hand. Hopefully, you will find that each of your pieces has a good spot in the new house, and they will all fit nicely. However, there is a chance that you will need to make different arrangements if some of your items are too big for the spot you had planned for them. It might be frustrating to learn that some of your things won’t fit in the new place, but it would be even worse if you moved them and then found out there is no room. DO your homework ahead of time to save time and money by not moving things that aren’t going end up working out in the new house.

Hiring the right Miami moving company should make your move go much easier, but you can do some work ahead of time to improve the process even more. Take the time to verify that you things will fit where you think they will, so moving day doesn’t come with any extra surprises when a bed or couch doesn’t work like expected.