How to Make Moving Easier on Your Family

Moving to a new house is a big deal that will reflect on your whole family. Indeed it’s a positive change which may bring a lot of joy. However, the process of relocation to a different place may be considered as a tough challenge.

How to make your family move a breeze

A boring packing with detailed preparation, facing unexpected obstacles and new neighbours — moving to your dream house can quickly turn into a nightmare for you and your family. Use these tips to make things go as smoothly as possible. Keep in mind the benefits of your new house and be well prepared at every stage.

Plan Ahead

Obviously planning ahead is an essential part of this challenge. It is likely to start packing and cleaning as early as possible. Unfortunately, we all tend to overestimate our time. Write a checklist, inform everyone involved into moving on beforehand. Keep tracking your tasks and be flexible with your plans — no one could predict what may go wrong.

Planning family move in advance

Don’t forget to discuss with kids precisely what and when will happen. Advanced planning can give them time to adjust to upcoming changes.  Give age-appropriate duties to each child to help them feel part of the big move ahead. In addition, sit down with your kids and plan every detail of the last week before your move. They definitely would like to say goodbye to their friends and visit their favourite places. Create schedules to cut back on last-minute stress. In addition to preparing your kids for the move, let them know that they can come to you at any point to talk about how the transition is going. 

Unboring packing and sorting

Be creative — turn a boring process into a game. It’s a good idea to start with inspection and cleaning. Go through the house, room by room, to identify what should go with you and what you could get rid of. Seek and find all necessary items, inspect your house with children and find treasures. Throw out as much of the junk as possible to save time and packing tape. However, kids may have doubts about old toys and broken stuff. Try to negotiate patiently, it may hold important memories. Otherwise, suggest selling or recycling something that is no longer used.

before moving into new home donate some of non-essentials

Perhaps, there will be a lot of boxes around you. Pay attention to an efficient labelling system in order to reduce the chaos. You may invent your own colouring system or put labels on each box. This will save you plenty of time and confusion when moving in – a simple glance at the boxes will automatically tell you where each one goes.  Make sure every member of the family has a duffle bag with all the essentials. Use these bags for the last night in your old home and the first night in your new home.

Adjust to a new place

Finally, you are moved in. Now you may face relocation issues. Try to explore your new area, neighbours, community and city in advance. What are the common traditions of that area? Check the nearby blocks, which attractions, sites and venues are likely to visit?

Don’t force and let everyone fully adjust to the new surroundings. Decorate the home with common photos or buy some new curtains.  A few small tweaks can really help you start to stamp your personality on your new home.

adjusting to a new neighborhood after moving in

You might like to invite new neighbours, it’s a good chance to get to know them. Encourage your kids to make friends in your neighbourhood or at school. The supportive surroundings will be useful for your better adjustment.

Enjoy your new place and make an adventure out of your moving in.