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3 Money Saving Tips When Moving

Moving is an expensive time of life, because you have likely just purchased a new home, or are at least moving into a larger rental with a bigger monthly payment. Either way, saving money on the process of getting your stuff moved from one place to the other is always a good thing. Of course, you don’t want to cut corners and put your items in danger during the move, so you have to be smart and know where you can save money.

One place you don’t want to get cheap is when you are hiring your moving company – make sure you get an experienced team that is capable of handling the job successfully, even if they aren’t the absolute cheapest option on the market.
Beyond hiring your moving company, here are three tips that could help you save some money while preparing for your Miami move.

3. Don’t Buy Boxes
With a little bit of effort, there is a good chance that you can get all the boxes you need for the move without buying any of them. Start by asking family, friends, and neighbors – they will likely be happy to be able to pass their boxes on to you, especially if they have recently moved themselves. Also, you can stop by businesses and ask if they have extra boxes they want to get rid of. Retail department stores and grocery stores are always getting goods in boxes, and some of them will be happy to give away those boxes if you just ask.

2. Move on Your Off Day
Think about it – if you move on a day you were supposed to be working, you are costing yourself additional money by not being at work. Even if you are able to take a paid day off, that is still a vacation day that you have used up that could have been spend doing something much more enjoyable. Plan ahead and schedule your move for a time when you aren’t supposed to be at work.

1. Be Careful
Using a qualified Miami moving company is a smart idea because they will be experienced in moving delicate items and will be less likely to break them than you would be on your own. Everything you break while moving makes the moving process more expensive, so the money spent on hiring a moving team in Miami can be seen as protection against breaking things that you try to move by yourself.